Ti Garba!

Characterized by a medium fruity flavor with a balanced bitterness and spiciness. A very elegant and pleasant oil, harvested early to ensure a high polyphenolic content, typically in the second half of October.

It’s a blend with a strong presence of Leccino and a small part of Frantoio and Moraiolo olives.

Pairings: cooked vegetables and legumes, soups and veloutés, sauces, some types of fish with a stronger flavor like anchovies or sardines, white meats, raw meat dishes like tartare or carpaccio, fresh cheeses, and mushrooms.


Characterized by a high fruity flavor with very distinct spicy and bitter notes. Harvested early around the first half of October to achieve a high polyphenolic content.

It’s a blend of Moraiolo, Frantoio, and Leccino olives, in order of prevalence.

Pairings: bitter vegetables such as radicchio, turnips, escarole, or arugula, grilled meats or vegetables, game meat, aged cheeses.

Il Biondo!

Extra virgin olive oil with a delicate flavor, harvested late in the first weeks of November. It has a medium fruity taste in perfect harmony with the spiciness and bitterness.

The blend is primarily made with Frantoio olives, which are the main varieties of Tuscan olives.

Pairings: It’s the typical Tuscan table oil that goes well with all dishes.

I Monovarietali:

Gualtiero 1°
Frantoio in purity, medium fruity highly aromatic, with a strong presence of bitterness and spiciness, with hints of green almond, green grass, and artichoke.
Pairings: vegetable and legume dishes served warm where the temperature enhances the oil’s aromatic profile, such as soups, but also on complex meat-based sauces.

Gualtiero 2°
Moraiolo in purity, medium fruity with bitter and spicy notes, characterized by vegetal hints reminiscent of freshly cut green grass, artichoke, green almond, and tomato leaf.
Pairings: medium to full-bodied dishes, legume soups, grilled red meats.

Gualtiero 3°
Maurino in purity, medium fruity, delicate and refined, spicy and elegant. Great balance of sweet, bitter, and spicy. Smooth and persistent with balsamic notes reminiscent of tomato.
Pairings: raw dishes, tomato-based pasta, salads, fish, risottos, and fresh cheeses.